Monday, July 13, 2009

Day at the Lake.

Tim took the day off in hopes of seeing an academic advisor at Tri-C today - he got August 6th, which was the next available appointment.

Never to waste a free day together... we spent part of the afternoon on Hinkley Lake in a pedal boat. For $15 we got an hour's leg work out.... pedaling our way across the lake and against the current :) It was a beautiful sunny afternoon as we a) pursued a duck

b) took a much needed picture of the two of us (woo! finally!)

c) tried on the really gross life jackets (just for show)

It seemed like a pretty simple way to spend the afternoon, but special because it was something different and we were out in nature enjoying the beautiful weather! Although, I'm pretty sure our legs will be stiff tomorrow. Pedal boats offer quite the work out!

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