Saturday, November 17, 2012

Seasonal Robot

Yesterday I had big plans. Big plans for great art. I had this frame that seemed perfect for a four seasons theme and I had big plans to hang it somewhere in Jack's room. At first I was thinking I'd just find some images on line. And then when that wasn't happening, I thought I'd just draw them myself.
The results, in my opinion, were totally underwhelming and not really what I had envisioned. However, Tim loved it and insisted we hang it somewhere where we'd see it often. That somewhere was next to the bathroom sink - the "go to" spot for most priceless art, right? Anyways, here it is:


  1. Aww...I LOVE IT!! I think it is so good! I can't wait to have kids so their rooms can have original Lauren Myers work :)

  2. Ha, robots! It's a fun change from the art I've seen you do previously. Keep it up.


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