Sunday, December 2, 2012

Post Vote

You know when you have a million things to blog about but you're too lazy so instead you don't blog at all? No, just me?

Well, how about this. Let's do a throw back to those old "choose your own adventure books" where you'd get to a real cliffhanger in the story and at the bottom of the page it would say something like "To follow the strange woman into the woods turn to page 5" except you get to choose which topic I blog about next:

  1. Creating a Picture Wall
  2. Moses at 11 months
  3. How I Plan to Celebrate Advent


    you could be really wild and submit your own idea for a post.

The choice is all yours. 
If you don't vote, I'll never post again.


  1. Bryan's vote: Creating a picture wall
    My vote: Write all 3 and then just publish them spread apart, because I desire to hear all 3 of these topics, lol.

  2. I'd love to hear about advent. The night of Nov. 30, Michelle found "Truth in the Tinsel" (you can Google it). Really, really nifty, but oi! What a thing to start immediately.

  3. I vote for #3 OR the fabulous drawing you are working on for me (hint hind ;) )

  4. I like the order you have them in - - - first the picture wall, then Moses, then advent. Can't fit all that in for the holidays? Then just start at one and go from there.


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