Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The warm weather we've been having has resurrected my 'sexy army' (as inscribed on the shoe) Rocket Dog flats from their winter solstice. The soles are paper thin and falling off, and I've lost most of the Rocket Dog label on the back - I found one of the O's in my car today and now all that's left is the "R-O" in Rocket. But I'm wearing them down to the last step because of their sentimental value; they were a favorite purchase from London's Camden Market....and a special reminder of my year in England.

Speaking of shoes, for a while now I've been wanting moccasins. They seem like the kind of thing you can wear anywhere at anytime. So I indulged and ordered a pair the other day online. Although, looking at them now, I may have buyer's remorse...

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