Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Lately Tim has been getting out of work a few hours early. Things always seem to slow down at TRC during the summer, and it gives Tim a little spare time to do the things the things he loves, like...... bake?

Below is the text conversation between us, which I must admit left me both amused & delighted:

Tim: I baked a cake to bring. [to our friend's house later in the day]
Lauren: What! Are you kidding? You are so cute.

T: Well... It might not be edible. I just kind of made it up. We'll see.
L: Lol. I'm so excited! What did you make it with.... ? [keeping in mind the lack of ingredients in our kitchen]

T: Eggs, flour, sugar, butter. I put a little coffee in to try and flavor it, but I don't think it worked. Then I mashed up the left over raspberries and peaches and put them in the middle. Then I melted some chocolate and poured it on top.
L: You're amazing!
T: Well...we'll see.

L: What sugar do we have? Those little individual packets for coffee?
T: :)

L: Wow. I'm seriously impressed.
T: Well... Again, let's wait and see. I'm debating eating a little piece before I even bother bringing it.

L: How many sugar packets did it take?
T: I dunno...why?
L: Cuz I'm trying to picture you opening them all. And the number makes it funny. Was it around 30?
T: Yeah, probably.

And the final result: pretty terrible. My description was that it tasted like "turkey" or "a fart" - the latter most likely due to the fact he used eight eggs. That's right, eight. And the coffee he mentioned using to add a "bit of flavor"? Well.... it was actually coffee grounds (bless his heart, he didn't know to use it in liquid form) which I first mistook for pepper. The thing was SOLID and probably weighed about ten pounds.

While I managed about 5 bites, Tim and Audrey could barely swallow one. Nevertheless, I'm proud of his effort - its the thought that counts! Here's a picture of the infamous concoction:

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  1. Wow, just randomly happened across your blog and found the cake story hilarious. I can't believe he used sugar packets and coffee grounds. Creative, to say the least. Good for him for trying!


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