Monday, June 8, 2009

Benjamin Theodore.

We welcomed a new nephew into our family this past Saturday - Benjamin Theodore! He is very adorable and we can't wait to see him grow up. It also got both of us excited about the prospect of having our own little one some day..... in a few years. God willing of course.

Well, we made it back safely from Florida. The memorial service for Tim's dad was last Tuesday and it seemed like it was just nice for the family to all be together and to remember the special role Rick played in each of their lives. I know in the future it will be hard not to be able to share life's important moments with Rick, but we pray that he is in heaven and that we will get to see him again some day. 

It was also nice, especially for Tim, to have a few days at home before going back to work and returning to the usual routine. Although it's looking close to certain that he'll be starting school in the fall which is very very exciting!!! 

I think he's going to make an excellent teacher :)

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