Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Lately Tim has been getting out of work a few hours early. Things always seem to slow down at TRC during the summer, and it gives Tim a little spare time to do the things the things he loves, like...... bake?

Below is the text conversation between us, which I must admit left me both amused & delighted:

Tim: I baked a cake to bring. [to our friend's house later in the day]
Lauren: What! Are you kidding? You are so cute.

T: Well... It might not be edible. I just kind of made it up. We'll see.
L: Lol. I'm so excited! What did you make it with.... ? [keeping in mind the lack of ingredients in our kitchen]

T: Eggs, flour, sugar, butter. I put a little coffee in to try and flavor it, but I don't think it worked. Then I mashed up the left over raspberries and peaches and put them in the middle. Then I melted some chocolate and poured it on top.
L: You're amazing!
T: Well...we'll see.

L: What sugar do we have? Those little individual packets for coffee?
T: :)

L: Wow. I'm seriously impressed.
T: Well... Again, let's wait and see. I'm debating eating a little piece before I even bother bringing it.

L: How many sugar packets did it take?
T: I dunno...why?
L: Cuz I'm trying to picture you opening them all. And the number makes it funny. Was it around 30?
T: Yeah, probably.

And the final result: pretty terrible. My description was that it tasted like "turkey" or "a fart" - the latter most likely due to the fact he used eight eggs. That's right, eight. And the coffee he mentioned using to add a "bit of flavor"? Well.... it was actually coffee grounds (bless his heart, he didn't know to use it in liquid form) which I first mistook for pepper. The thing was SOLID and probably weighed about ten pounds.

While I managed about 5 bites, Tim and Audrey could barely swallow one. Nevertheless, I'm proud of his effort - its the thought that counts! Here's a picture of the infamous concoction:

Monday, June 22, 2009


Summer is by far my least favorite season. I know this is an unfavorable opinion - most people I know can't wait to get their shorts out and bake in the heat. They're almost always appalled when I say I could do without summer. I definitely prefer a fresh spring morning, or a crisp autumn afternoon. I don't mind a warm summer evening... but when temperatures start going over 75, I start to get worried.

That said, there is one particular week of the summer I don't mind; when I actually hope for hot temperatures and hope for the opportunity to use my bathing suit. And it doesn't come around every year. In fact... I haven't had the pleasure of looking forward to it in more years than I care to count. But this year... well this year a family tradition is finally brought back from the dead: cottage life on the shores of Lake Huron.

Goderich, Ontario is one of those sleepy little towns tucked away into Canadian countryside and has always felt like a little slice of heaven for me. It is after all "Canada's Prettiest Town." I can't say that's completely true - I'm almost positive the Goderich Tourism Board came up with that themselves, rather than it being based on a nationwide vote. But nevertheless, after all my worldly travels, it is still one of my most favorite places to visit. This year is sure to be one of the most memorable, as it will be Tim's first time, which means I'll get to introduce him to all of Goderich's unique attractions... the museum (which houses a stuffed two headed calf), the old jail (or gaol, according to their sign), the town square, the harbor, the lighthouse, point farms mini golf, but most importantly the beach with its beautiful sunsets!

Can't wait!

UPDATE: So Wikipedia informed me that it was Queen Elizabeth II who once commented that Goderich was the "Prettiest Town in Canada." If the Queen said it, it must be true.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Benjamin Theodore.

We welcomed a new nephew into our family this past Saturday - Benjamin Theodore! He is very adorable and we can't wait to see him grow up. It also got both of us excited about the prospect of having our own little one some day..... in a few years. God willing of course.

Well, we made it back safely from Florida. The memorial service for Tim's dad was last Tuesday and it seemed like it was just nice for the family to all be together and to remember the special role Rick played in each of their lives. I know in the future it will be hard not to be able to share life's important moments with Rick, but we pray that he is in heaven and that we will get to see him again some day. 

It was also nice, especially for Tim, to have a few days at home before going back to work and returning to the usual routine. Although it's looking close to certain that he'll be starting school in the fall which is very very exciting!!! 

I think he's going to make an excellent teacher :)
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