Thursday, March 29, 2012

An Everlasting Meal

The title of this post sounds super spiritual (right?) but this post has nothing to do with that. I know I committed to only posting about faith based stuff until after Easter, but I just have to say...

I want to read this book so bad. It's so far from what I usually gravitate towards, but something about it intrigues me. Jules from Pancakes and French Fries is featuring it in her book club next month.

The concept is brilliant (this coming from someone who rarely strays from the recipe. And to go without one? Shocking!)

The prose is beautiful.

The images are flawless.

This video gives me a great sense of satisfaction. I love the earthiness of it. And the artistic flair she brings to preparing the food. I mean, she lines the jars up picture perfectly in her fridge. It makes me want to munch on a radish or eat a beet. Who am I???


It would be a bit of a splurge for me to purchase the hardcover so I'll have to wait until my local library carries it.

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