Monday, January 12, 2009


Ever since getting engaged (maybe even a little before that) Tim and I have been collecting odds and ends for our future home. The first few pieces we found were from the huge church garage sale my mom helps put on every year. My favorite is a tiny little cupboard that we keep some games in. 

We recently went to an antique mall about 30 minutes from where we are and picked up some more vintage christmas balls as well as a pair of salt and pepper shakers (a nick-nack with character I've been wanting to find for a while). I'll try to post some pictures for added interest next chance I get. 

Yesterday I had my first experience as a buyer: we've been wondering what to do about a dining table as we can't afford anything brand new. We've both had our eye on the counter-height/pub style tables but again, they all seem to be quite pricey. Well praise be to God, I found one (with all four chairs included!) that we'd seen at Target of all places that a couple in east-Cleveland were selling for half the price of what we found in stores. It was an interesting interaction - to just go into a strangers home and take their table (after paying of course). I guess it's the same as a garage sale, but anyways - it was a blessing to find something so affordable. Here is a picture of what it looks like:
Tim and I have been good about keeping our heads on and not going nuts trying to buy all new stuff, especially since we know that material things are not what makes a happy home. But we do enjoy adding our personal touches to the space we live in - and its been a lot of fun so far getting things started :)

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  1. I LOVE! That is how we got Caden's bunkbeds. It was awesome next I am looking for a bed for Casey : )


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