Monday, January 19, 2009

Our First (Real) Shower.

Yesterday we spent a wonderful afternoon with the women on Tim's mom's side of the family.  

I love those ladies! They are so fun! I was so touched last month when I was invited to their annual cards night, and they all made me feel so welcomed and comfortable and a part of the family. So it was lovely to see them all again, and to grow in my anticipation of getting to know everyone better in the years to come. I was also glad to have some of our close friends there, as well as my mom and oldest sister. I was especially excited that Tim's sister Katie made the trip down - in very cold driving conditions nonetheless - from college to be there.  

While Tim spent most of his time upstairs (no guys allowed) he did come down when it was time to open gifts (as well as when it was time to eat :D ) which was a lot of fun. It was very exciting to see all the various things people had picked out from our registry to bless our home with. We can't wait to decorate and use all of our lovely things! 

I feel like there aren't enough ways to say thank you. Being at the receiving end of such endless giving is .... well, its a humbling experience. We are continually blessed and beyond grateful for the outpouring of love and generosity from those around us in support of our marriage. Thanks and appreciation especially goes to Tim's Aunt Kim and Aunt Pam who hosted the shower, and to both of our mothers who have given of themselves in the most incredible way to make our wedding day a special one.

Only 40 days left until its official!

Can't wait,


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