Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reasons My Wife is Amazing.

1. She is beautiful.
I've always thought that she looks like a painting. Like if some famous artist from the 1700's wanted to paint a portrait of a beautiful woman, her face would be what ends up on the canvas. There is something so simply stunning about her. Her delicate features evoke such deep emotions it's something that can't be put in to words, hence the need to be painted.

2. She is creative.
See this blog. Period.

3. She loves me.
Lauren cares for me and my physical, spiritual, and emotional health in ways that I would never care for myself. She knows me better than anyone and knows what I need even when I don't.

4. She's all business.
She handles all of our finances and makes sure our electricity stays on, our phones are working, and we have heat.

5. She's all silliness.
Lauren is always ready to burst in to song at any given moment. Followed by giggles. The glint of excitement and joy that is in her eye in those moments is pure and beautiful enough to move me to tears.

6. She is a mother.
I never could have imagined how powerful Lauren is until I've now seen her as a mom. She loves Jack fiercely and would do anything to protect him. The "nuts and bolts" of raising a baby is another area that she takes care of that I would be useless. Left up to me Jack would probably have 2 shirts, one pair of pants, and spend most of his time in a diaper and nothing else.

7. She desires God.
Lauren has a desire to know, experience, and love God that is unlike most people I know. Her desire is so strong it can be painful for her. What I pray she knows is that her desire and passion is an inspiration to me and I know it will be for Jack as well.

...with 7 being the perfect number and all I think I'll leave it there. I could go on but I think you get the idea. My wife is amazing.


  1. So lovely, Tim, you've captured my sister with your words. Thanks for sharing this with us. She is amazing and beautiful and such a special gift to this world. Thankful she has you as her amazing husband. You have opened up her heart in a glorious way. The Lord is good.

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