Wednesday, July 24, 2013

That One Time Moses....

Well, it finally happened. 
I've been barfed on.

See this Starbucks cup?

A few nights ago it was filled with a delicious latte for Tim (and me, a little)
Several hours later it served as a mini vomitorium.
Who could have known.
But I'm getting ahead of myself.

It all began at midnight when Moses woke up crying and on all fours in his crib. I just knew as soon as I picked him up that he was about to throw up and sure enough out it came, all over the front of my dress. Tim had already gone to bed so I quickly woke him up to assist in crisis management. He was just as flustered as I was - probably more so from being woken up - and just kept saying "What should I do?" as I continued to hold a crying, barfing Moses. Except I was just as clueless as he was - even though it's not the first time Moses has barfed, it was the first time there was barf in the sink, on Moses, in a towel and on me. 

So for the next 30 minutes I sat with Moses while he watched Shaun the Sheep and very calmly barfed into the Starbucks cup without taking his eyes off the t.v. Strange, but I wasn't complaining.  After his system calmed down I put him back to bed and began cleaning up the mess. Whether I woke Tim up to help or he woke up on his own I can't remember but nevertheless he appeared with a willingness to assist.  Since I had a lot of soiled wet wipes and a seriously offensive Starbucks cup to dispose of, I asked him if he could grab me a plastic bag. He came back from the kitchen grasping a giant pile of Ziplock sandwich bags. *shakes head* I don't even know. I'll blame it on his being half asleep. 

By morning, Moses was himself and I was proud of how well I'd handled being barfed on - something I've been dreading! I think it must be the adrenaline that courses through your brain and body as you try to comfort and contain the mess that comes from a crying child who doesn't understand why food is spewing from his mouth. 

All in all, not as traumatizing an event as I was expecting.
Next time I'll be prepared with Starbucks cup at the ready.

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  1. Aw, you did handle that well. Especially in the middle of the night.

    Last Christmas we had stomach flu hit. Alex started off in the evening with a "small barf" outside that he reported, but we didn't know how seriously to take it. We put the boys to bed, and still didn't head the warnings of tummy aches. After all, they'll say almost anything to avoid going to sleep.

    But lo and behold, by 10:30pm, William woke up and barfed all over his bed. We changed the bed, but he just did it again an hour later. Sam, later that night, too. Eventually all three boys were up, and every bed in the house was changed.

    Ick. I figure if we can handle this, we're good to go as parents.


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