Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tim's Random List

Last night I came across a piece of paper that had been torn out of a notebook and had somehow gotten wedged into a  stack of random bills, tax info, miscellaneous documents etc. - we're not the best about filing over here. On it was written a list in Tim's teeny tiny penmanship. I read the list about five times trying to make sense of it's cryptic contents and the correlation between them. Here is the list in it's entirety (I had to make assumptions on some of the wording as his lettering is so miniscule) followed by a list of burning questions I had as a result:

The list in question

Adae   NJ   H.S.   Ranya  N.Y.   School

Bday 31 Days:  Andrew May 6th Waiting Fam  May 5th
SUV - MiniVan:
No Red Meat:
More than 25 mi:
Ate fast food 24 hrs:
Never spoke in Public:
Works from home:
Picture of sig. other:
2x pets:
8x cups of water:
Sings well:
New Years Resolution:
Video/CPU Games: Andrew
Reality Shows:
Coffee:  Andrew
  1. What is the relation between these things? For example, "SUV - MiniVan:" is followed by "No Red Meat:" and "Sings well:" is followed by "Chocolate:" WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!
  2. Why the use of so many colons?
  3. Furthermore, why are the colons not followed by some sort of correlating list or response - except in two instance with the name Andrew?
  4. Who is Andrew?
After much (much) thought, I finally figured out what this was all in reference to and had my suspicions confirmed by Tim. Now that I know the answer it all seems so obvious but I wonder if anyone else out there can crack the code. Submit your best guess! GO! 


  1. Okay... This list had me laughing so hard!!! It's SO random! I think this is something only a wife could decipher:)

  2. Wow... I don't even know where to start. I was going to say - a year long to-do list? But how does that fit with Andrew? Wow, that's awesomely cryptic.


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