Monday, November 17, 2008

First Snow

It’s beautiful outside right now - our first true snow fall of of the winter season !!! Tim and I have Mondays off together so we are cozied up inside watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation - classic. We decided to kick off the holiday season celebrations a bit earlier this year because we are both so excited about the upcoming holiday!

Today we went and looked at an apartment in Lakewood - a city that’s known for its artsy, eclectic community filled with unique shops and restaurants. A friend of Tim’s owns a three story house there and is offering to let us rent the top two floors. We both fell in love with the place and already have a vision to rent out the third floor at an affordable rate for someone in need. We still have a lot of praying to do about it but we are excited about the prospect.

This past weekend was amazing .... we got to spend some time with Tim’s aunt and uncle and Grammy nominated musician Susan Tedeschi and her incredible band!! But I’ll let Tim tell you about that later....

For now, I’ve got a bad case of strep throat and need to take my penicillin!

Stay healthy,


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