Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tank McTubbs

For a while now we have talked about wanting a dog. Tim is pretty set on an English Bulldog - the name Tank McTubbs was a joint effort. Personally I think they’re a bit ugly, not to mention the fact that they’re known for their tendency to drool and snore loudly. Nevertheless, there’s something endearing about loving a dog whose face is nothing short of comical and whose stature is the canine version of a football player.

So late last night we were browsing online ads for English Bulldogs in the area, most of which ran for a good $1000-2000. Soon enough we came across some “free for adoption” listings, and replied to the ads out of interest.

Of course, as suspected, there’s a bit of a catch; the dogs are currently being held in Cameroon, Africa. And having seen the way dogs are treated in other African countries, I have a sneaking suspicion that the $200 needed to ship the dog here would somehow end up being a sore waste of money.

Tank McTubbs, for now, will remain a good idea but a very far off reality.

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