Monday, December 22, 2008

3 days till Christmas!

Tim and I are SO excited to celebrate Christmas together! I can't wait for all the holiday festivities to begin in a few days :) Tim can't wait to watch Charlie Brown Christmas (which I still haven't seen) and has been talking about it for a few months now.

Last week we visited with some friends who just had a baby - so cute! - and watched the Nightmare Before Christmas (I'm trying to get all holiday movie viewings in to make up for last year.) We also just saw Wall*E for the first time and LOVED it. We watched it 3 times in 48 hours!

I also recently had to deal with another flat tire - my second this year. I think it was due in part to the fact that I bent the rim on the same wheel, last time I had a flat. So Timmy came to the rescue and changed it for me, and then I discovered that you could order a new tire rim online, which I did. I don't know why I find that odd, just is.

This weekend we were supposed to be in Canada for my first wedding shower, but unfortunately they were calling for snow storms. So instead we drove up to Fort Erie where we met a few family members and had lunch at Kelsey's. In true form I ordered a Sonoma Valley Chicken Salad - hold the chicken - and a side order of pickles. SO good. About 7 hours driving time for a 2 hour lunch! Tim and I had it fairly easy though since we just sat in the back and slept or watched Arrested Development. We also received the world's best salad spinner from my parents and some other great gifts...not to mention the chance to see the I suppose it was all worth it in the end!

Today two of my bridesmaids confirmed they have their plane tickets for the wedding! I am SO excited because they are two of my oldest, dearest friends from England, and we haven't seen each other since I moved back to the States two years ago. I am trying to think of some fun activities we can do while they're here - though Cleveland in February doesn't exactly lend itself to many entertaining possibilities.

Just over two months before the big day!! It feels like it's never going to get here!

I can't wait!


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  1. I just thought I would let you know that Caden (who is two) is sitting here listening to me read your blog to him and he finds it so unbelievable that you haven't seen Charlie Brown Christmas. He has watched it at least 4 times this year and keeps making me scroll back to the top of the page so he can see "Arlie Own"


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