Friday, December 12, 2008

Wedding Stuff.

Things are (somewhat) in full swing in the way of getting things prepared for the big day.

I stopped over Tim's mom's today to check out the invitations she's designing : amazing. They couldn't more perfect and completely in line with what I'd envisioned. The incredible thing is that I really didn't give her any ideas for what I wanted - just the three colors we are incorporating into the wedding. I was so thrilled with them I almost started to cry, but gave her a great big hug instead. I keep telling her she should start her own business. The woman is a creative genius.

I also picked the processional song for my bridesmaids and myself - it's going to be a surprise for Tim - I'm pretty certain he'll like it. It holds significant meaning for me, and I think its beautiful to begin with, but I played it for some ladies at work and they gave me the thumbs up as well. Of course, I may come across something even better before February 28, but I feel pretty confident that the song I have in mind is the keeper.

The other major thing that I keep hemming and hawing over is chair covers. It sounds trivial but those things really make the room a dazzler. Naturally they're one of those most expensive aspects of the event, hence my apprehension. But I've ok'ed it with my incredibly generous parents a few times, so....we're going to go with it. My only consolation for the expense is knowing that I cut out a lot of typical wedding expenses by calling on friends instead of paid professionals to get things taken care of including the cake, the d-jaying of the music, and the photographer (Emily, I know they'll turn out awesome!)

Thanks to all of you who have helped me along so far - you've made my job as a bride so much more relaxing!!! I can't wait to see it all come together on February 28th. 

It's going to be beautiful!


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