Monday, December 15, 2008

Festive Weekend

This weekend was full of Christmas activities - some better than others!

The first was a Christmas concert we took Tim's family to at a local church. There'd been a lot of buzz surrounding the concert and it seems to be known as one of the best Christmas shows in our area. 

We hated it. 

It was hands down the worst Christmas concert I've ever been to and in some ways one of the worst Church events either of us have witnessed. We felt so bad that Tim's family had to endure the same painful experience - on so many levels. Bahhhhhhhhhh what a waste of time and money. That said - a lot of people there looked like they were having a blast (though we can't understand it) - so perhaps it's just us.

Next on the agenda was the Ugly Sweater Party at our friends Ashley and Jason's. Tim and I had gone out earlier in the day to find some hideous sweaters at the Salvation army. And for less than $10 we got the lovely outfits you see above. While Tim's, in some contexts, might be considered old school vintage, mine was just downright ugly. It was straight out of the eighties - complete with shoulder pads! - and the definition of tacky with little plastic jewels sewn on and the added touch of angora detailing on one arm. It even smelled like outdated perfume....which is actually pretty gross. Needless to say, whenever I put it on I did my best to not allow the fabric to touch my face. Unwashed, used clothing creeps me out.

This coming weekend we are headed to Canada again for the first of the wedding showers!! We can't wait. It'll be good to see our family and friends again before the holidays.

10 more days till Christmas!

love lauren.

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  1. Hey Lauren,
    Good to find you in the blogging world.
    Chatterbox at Moorlands seems like a lifetime ago now!!
    Good to read up on your news. Hope you have an awesome Christmas.


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