Friday, June 24, 2011

Looking for adventure

I really want a change of scenery. And not just any change of scenery - one that I feel certain is in the center of God's perfect will and somewhere I can (ideally) feel excited about.

We've been really hoping that this next season will open up doors to new places. Our hopes have been set on Canada, but we're not sure if that's really in God's plan for us just yet. However, I love the idea of "going home" and living in Ontario again.

Thankfully, I'm also ok with staying put. For now anyways, not for always. I don't want to be in the Cleveland-area ten years from now. Maybe not even five years from now. Or two years. But God has a way, thankfully, of making things happen at just the right time, whether quickly or not too soon. The trick of course, is finding contentment in those holding places that God keeps us in sometimes.

I feel like Cleveland is a holding place. It's always been a layover between more desirable locations. A place to rest before moving somewhere else. I didn't think I'd be camped out here for so many years - in fact, I'm starting to feel like we may be stuck here forever! But then lots of good has come from staying, so I just have to keep trusting, trusting, trusting.

We're praying that even if we are here for a few more years that change will still come but more from within, I suppose, than from obvious outside circumstances. As we look ahead to the very near future, we're praying for:

1) A true sense of close-knit community
2) A new job that provides for our family
3) Support for when the next baby comes
4) A closer walk with God - the kind you can't go back on; the kind that transforms you forever.

I'm trusting God to provide all these things. I've been reminded over the past few days that God is the only one who can work this situation for our good.

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