Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Waiting for the light to change.

Since my last post not a lot has changed; we still feel a bit unsettled in where we're at and definitely impatient to just get on with transitioning into a new job and routine. Sadly, Canada is no longer looking like a viable option at this point. While the prospects of moving so far so quickly were a bit daunting, we both felt excited about the idea of starting fresh.

But whether here or there, we've decided it's time to take some steps toward proactively seeking out better support groups and situations. A lot of that though is going to have to come first and foremost from us. From me especially with my attitudes about things.

For now I just want to move on. And its hard still being in that holding place. It's hard knowing something is coming to an end without having a clear "next point of arrival" in sight. That said, I'm trying to be thankful for what we have now and not rush the unknown which could prove to be way more challenging than our situation now. Or - and here's my hope - it could be a situation that is so much better suited to our growing family.

Speaking of growing - Jack is taking steps (literally) towards becoming a full-on toddler. Within the span of about ten days he went from army crawling to crawling properly to walking! He's still a bit unsteady on his feet, but with every passing day he takes more and more steps without faltering. He also had his first haircut and its amazing the difference it makes in his "maturing" appearance. Since he tends to throw a fit when I try to cut his nails, I wasn't quite sure how he'd react to having his hair trimmed (it was beginning to look like a mullet at the back). But with a bit of vanilla ice cream to distract him, it was a walk in the park!


  1. wow! he's growing (:
    i hope one day, soon, canada will be a viable option. BUT i pray that you would find true, good, loving, safe community (:

  2. Thanks Aban! We are still looking into Canada - things are looking more possible (it all has to do with immigration laws/working visas) but it's a BIG (expensive) decision that we want to make sure is in God's will before we act on it.

    Hope all is well with you!


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