Saturday, December 3, 2011

dots and thumbprints.

Tim's going out of town for four days next week and since I'll be staying with my parents while he's gone, I figure its as good a time as any to tackle the two art projects I'd like to complete before the baby comes.

The newest idea came from the picture below (don't mind the random people, no clue who they are). Focus on the amazing dot prints in the background. I'm always drawn to dot art, and this shouldn't be too hard to accomplish. This would hang above our bed. I haven't decided whether I'll use one big canvas, or two smaller ones side by side.

The second project is one I came across a few weeks ago - one which definitely has more potential to go south (what with the amount of thumb printing involved) but if done carefully could turn out beautifully.  I won't bother with putting our names at the bottom (cheesy) but I think this could look great on the blank wall in the front room.


  1. i love dots and stripes. my closet is FILLED with dots & stripes. all this to say, HUZZAH! to your idea (:

  2. My favourite artist, Damien Hirst, likes dots too (see below). I like both of your ideas, Lauren!


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