Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Staff Surprise!

I'm in my last month now of working for CTK and yesterday over lunch the staff blessed us with some baby gifts. It was humbling more than anything because I feel as though the small group of people I work with have already done so much for us - they have truly gone over and above to ensure we are taken care of. It's easy to feel undeserving of such abundant generosity. I was touched when they presented me with a bag of some of my favorite things, both for myself and the baby, which included:

This adorable fleecy jumpsuit I had been admiring at Target just the other day. 
It's now my "take home from the hospital" outfit for the baby :)

Owls! I'd seen this activity toy a while ago and really wanted to buy it, but like the jumpsuit it was one of those pricier extras that felt like too much of a splurge. I love it!

Cuz who doesn't need tons of diapers? Such a practical, much needed gift. 

Also included were some treats from one of our favorite stores including a gift card which I plan to spend on all the non-diabetic treats I'll be unable to indulge in until after the baby is born :)

After opening my gifts, they prayed for me, our family and for a safe birth by laying on hands and anointing my head with oil. It was really powerful and just covered me with an even greater sense of the love that surrounds us. I feel so blessed beyond belief to have worked with such an incredible group of people for the past 2.5 years.  I don't think many have the privilege of saying they love everyone they work with and who show much love in return, so I feel blessed to be able to claim that. And as much as I'm going to appreciate being a stay at home mom, I know there will be days when I'll miss the conversation and community that was shared here. 

So grateful, once again, for the way God has blessed us through His people.

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  1. that onsie is out of CONTROL. i love it. so happy for you - your work family is truly a blessing :)


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