Sunday, June 17, 2012

For Tim

I laughed at Tim a lot today because, for whatever reason, his internal thermostat is way off and he has been sweating profusely even though the rest of us are fine. His skin is just straight up damp to the touch and his face is lit-er-ally dripping with perspiration. Night and day. Not sure what's going on there but it makes me laugh a little. But in all seriousness, I want to take just a moment to recognize Tim for the incredible dad that he is to our little guys. So amazing. So patient. So loving. So dad-of-the-year.

For Tim - 

Your steadfast servant-heart keeps us warm and fed and full of love.
Your calming presence is what carries us through the end of a hard day.
Our strength is found in the security of your always open arms.

We have everything we need.
Because we have God.
Because we have eachother.
Because we have you. 

I love our little family. 
And we love you.

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