Monday, June 25, 2012

Moses is King and Jack is a Dream

Has it really been over a week since I last posted? Where has the time gone? I think sometimes I also just don't feel like writing because keeping this blog seems like kind of a fruitless endeavor. I'm not sure what purpose it serves except to document the everydayness of our life in hopes that one day I'll want to look back and here it all will be, in one place at this address.

At the same time, sometimes I feel like there's so much I want to share on so many different topics but lack the words to do so, so I just leave it and wait until I have something good to say. Does that even make sense? I don't know. I just woke up from a nap and then ate crackers and honey and I think that combo is making me feel drowsy and incoherent.

But here's a picture of Moses to help make this post worthwhile...

Moses is SO king. I mean, first of all he's super cute (this picture doesn't do him justice). Secondly, he wears that awesome treehugger's "hug me" shirt so well, especially when it's paired with just a diaper. Thirdly, the child is a dream. I brought him to a wedding a few weekends ago and he sat in the stroller silently - wide awake - for almost two hours. It was a hot day and an outdoor wedding and he just sat there, sweating. Don't worry peeps, I know you're having visions of a poor Moses sitting in the sun and heat, silently suffering, while I looked on thinking he was having the time of his life. He was always in the shade and was fed part way through. THE POINT IS - he was so good. He's so good that I even considered bringing him to a movie theatre so I could go see a movie. I wouldn't be surprised if he slept through the whole thing. But of course... I talked some sense into myself and realized I'd be pushing his good nature into unmarked territory that I'm not quite ready to explore. Let's just say, we've come a long way from here.

And then there's Jack :) Jack is overall a very very well behaved little boy. But he's also very vibrant and determined. "Feisty" is the word two different people used to describe him while he was still in the womb and I think it's pretty spot on! He's fun, but he's also really intense sometimes (what two year old isn't?!) That said, I've been trying to remind myself about the importance of celebrating Jack's personality and "rejoicing over him" as I felt God tell me to do a few months ago. After all, on the scale of how the average two year old behaves, Jack - much like his little brother - is a dream. 

Of course, now I'm going to come to your house with my children in tow and Moses will cry the whole time and Jack will terrorize your cat or break your priceless antique vase and you'll hold me accountable to this post. I can see it now.

Moving on.... can I just say thank you to my sister Andrea for informing me about picmonkey?!?! Ever since Picnik shut down I have been missing fun photo editors - especially since everyone and their mother has Instagram and I'm jealous in my little heart over it. Well guess what? Picmonkey is Instagram for poor, iPhoneless people like me. Also a great idea from Andrea? - these glow worm jars. So cute. 

Alright folks, I got some livin' to do. 


  1. Lauren...please continue with your posts. They always seem to make my day. After all...they are not meaningless ramblings of a bored housewife. They are very insightful, poignant, funny and always interesting to read. Miss our lunches together! Take care and God Bless! Annie

  2. so true so true re: J & M (maybe I'll call them JAM :) ) I love your posts too. Even though we live 5 min from one another they're still fun to read.

    glad you're digging picmonkey. I was seriously distraught when I heard picnik was closing shop. :)


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