Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Weirdness in my Life

Last week I was on the phone with a friend. From the family room I could hear water dripping on to the floor - nay, pouring onto the floor - in the kitchen. So I stood up to go and inspect but before I even took two steps I heard a huge crash.  I knew it before I even saw it - the dish rack had slowly been getting pushed off the counter by a heavy cutting board that was placed at the very back. Eventually everything, and when I say everything I mean a ridiculous amount of dishes that should never have been piled that high, succombed to gravitational forces and down they went on to the hard slate flooring. I'm positive I heard the sound of ceramic shattering. All the while I'm still on the phone and tried not to sound too worried. After all, running to clean up the mess wasn't going to save any casulaties. So I finished my conversation and prepared myself for the worst and this is what I found:

Do you see anything odd here? Notice the height from which they fell and the way they scattered all over the floor? And that all the glass/ceramic dishes landed right side up? And that the only broken dish was a PLASTIC PLATE (bottom left corner)? How does that even happen? I accidently bump a drinking glass the wrong way and BAM the whole thing shatters. Whoops, I just let this cup slip from my hand two centimeters from the sink - CRACK, there's another chip on the rim. But half my dishes fall three feet down onto a hard slate floor? Yeah they're fine. Oh except for the plastic plate. Don't get me wrong, I saw it as a gift from God that I didn't have a huge mess to clean up and lots of dishes to replace. But it still boggles my mind.

Other weird things happening around here: Moses sweating - a lot - whenever he eats, whether breastfed or bottle. I mean, to the point where the hair on the back of his head is damp. I don't get it. I really don't get it. This past Sunday at church, the lady in the nursery came to get me because she thought Moses felt feverish and seemed lethargic. I told her that he's normally warm but came back to check on him anyways. Sure enough, he was fine. And as for the lethargy? Yeah, that's just Moses being his normal calm and collected self.

Also weird? Jack's new thing of coming out of his room after a nap (or while he's supposed to be napping or going to bed) with his blanket covering his body, like some sort of ghost. On one hand it's humorous but on the other it totally creeps me out. I can often hear him coming and my stomach aways gets nervous flutters when his shrouded figure comes walking around the corner. We think he is under the assumption that by hiding under his blanket, noone can see him and thus he is free to move about "undetected." Who knows. All I know is, it's weird.

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