Monday, August 13, 2012

Goderich 2012

We just got back from a great week in Canada on Lake Huron.

The calming hues of Lake Huron

We go almost every year. And every year, I cry a little when we have to leave. As if its the last time we'll ever be there again in history. But we always return, eventually. Thankfully.

The Pier and Boardwalk

This year was a little extra special because of some extra special company.

The traditional pose of most hipster self portraits. Ironic.

Richard and Sarah flew all the way from England just to be with us.
And maybe to see Toronto.
And maybe because she's been hearing about Goderich for 20 years
and wanted to see what all my raving was about.
You know the kind of friends that you love so much it hurts?
These are those kind of friends.

One of the "must sees" was the Goderich museum. For some reason, the museum has always lived in my mind as wonderfully kitch and a place we must always visit while we're there. Sarah was anxious to see the two-headed calf that I used to reference. However, I think the overall experience underwhelmed. Displays of old farming equipment and vintage bicycles are just not that special when you've paid a large sum of money to fly to see them. I think the whole experience was marred by the fact that I twisted my ankle, collapsed in a pile of gravel just before arriving and ended up limping around rather pitifully.

Old medicinal cabinet at Huron County Museum. Riveting stuff.
Because of my injury, I spent the last sunny day hobbling around a museum and then laid up in the cottage. After that, it rained for the next 48 hours. Determined to make the most of all our last days together we had a dance party in the cottage and played Yahtzee.
We also swam in the rain. And it was glorious.

Rich and Jack at the town square.
The last day, we spent time in a little town called Bayfield (which, naturally, I took no pictures of) ate lunch at a great "British" pub, implored Sarah and Rich to try their first corn dog (which was gross) and ate sorbet. Then we had to say goodbye which meant I cried off and on for the next 24 hours.

We were thankful for the rays of sun on our last evening. 
It gave me a chance to take some pictures of the boys. So classic. So adorable!

I also took two now traditional pictures: 
One of all the grandkids and 
One of Jack kneeling on the picnic table. 
How we managed to get him to make a similar pose and expression is beyond me.

I already can't wait until our return to the sandy, soothing shores of Lake Huron.
Come quickly!


  1. beautiful photos of the lake! and the boys look SO cute.


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