Friday, August 17, 2012

Those Terrible Twos

I'm not sure when it happened, exactly, but at some point we unknowingly got on a bus, forgot to get strapped in, and took a really bumpy ride into the land of Terrible Twos. I don't remember getting on that bus. And I definitely never signed a consent form. So someone duped me real good.

Let me pause here and point out that on the grand scale of bad behavior Jack is really quite tame. He's a thoughtful little boy with an incredibly bright mind and so many great qualities.

But for a few months, things got intense. Someone must have slipped him a handbook on how to live out your second year with the following instructions:

  1. When asked to do something anything, always reply with a resounding "no" ("no way" also works) The more defiant the tone in which you deliver this message, the better.
  2. Push to get what you want. Never give up. Never.give.up.
  3. If you have siblings, be sure to bite, pinch, and/or hit them when someone isn't looking. This is best accomplished on siblings that are small and helpless, such as infants. If caught in the act, feign ignorance as to what you have done wrong. **Helpful tip** Biting the face is especially effective, but will result in a more severe punishment. Proceed with caution.
  4. Feign ignorance as to what you have done wrong if when you do wrong.
  5. Don't eat your dinner (especially meals containing vegetables).
  6. Throw any unwanted food on the floor or wipe in hair.
  7. Don't come when called. 
  8. When in public, disregard all rules you know to be in place.
  9. Employ all stall tactics available at bedtime. If you find yourself in bed against your will, be sure to (loudly) voice your objections.
  10. Cry. Cry Hard. Cry Loud. Cry Often.

Thankfully, Jack seems to have recently misplaced his handbook. Or, most likely, the good Lord has seen fit to smile upon us all and misplaced it for him.

And so, this past week, I've had the pleasure of spending time with the little guy I remember from just before Moses was born. The one who loves to play and talk and read books and relate and eat snacks and be fun is back.

Don't get me wrong, we're not totally in the clear here. I mean, he still has vague recollections of his inherent duty to live out the Terrible Twos. But something in his little heart has softened towards this world and our home is a lot more peaceful and happy because of it.

I love you precious boy.
May I always, always fulfill the call to rejoice over your life.
Even on your bad days.
And especially on mine.


  1. I read something over at Ann Voskamp's this week (A Holy Experience)...she has a printable of 10 grace prayers (which is now on my fridge). The only that struck me hardest was the that pointed out when you are especially repulsed by a child's behavior, that is the time to draw closest to that child. Sucker punched me in the gut.

  2. wipe in hair!!


    this is Lily :)

    oh sister, we've got a handful eh?


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