Friday, July 23, 2010

I Should Take More Pictures.

I should document our life more through photography. But I'm still on a 4 year hiatus/lack of inspiration. Leaving England killed it. Cleveland fails to recapture it. The intimidating work of others tends to discourage it. Goderich was the only place post - UK that was able to entice it. One day I hope to never be seen without a lens in front of my face. But for now, I seldom take an artistic photograph.

In other news, I'm finding that motherhood isn't as hard as I imagined. I think I was expecting it to be extremely wearing and overwhelming and no fun at all. Maybe its because Jack is "easy" or maybe I'm just more cut out for this than I realized, but I find myself feeling more of a natural at it than I anticipated. And that I fall more in love with my baby every day. My baby - the "belonging to" factor still seems odd to me. Can I believe I have my very own baby? No way. But he's here and he's perfect and I love that I'm starting to find ways to bring out his smile.

I'm still all about creativity in the kitchen - I've purchased three new cookbooks in the past couple of weeks. Tonight I made flatbread with crimini mushrooms and provolone cheese on top (Wild Mushroom Pizza) and a Greek Chicken Salad with homemade herb vinaigrette and homegrown veggies from my sister's garden. There's nothing like a fresh from the earth, organic cucumber.

Oh, and the results of our Weight-Loss Challenge? For every pound Tim loses, ten dollars gets put into a "bass fund" and for every five pounds I lose, he plans a date night. Now all we need is a scale, a fully assembled elliptical and cooler weather so I can run my socks off.

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