Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Where's Jack?

At least once or twice a week, Tim or I wake up in the night frantically searching for something in the covers of our bed.... that something is our baby. Of course, our searches have never (thankfully) recovered a smothered baby, because he's always safely in his bed.

But for whatever reason its this deep-seeded fear that one of us will fall asleep with him in the bed at night and forget he's there and smother him with the blanket. A few nights ago I did this. I woke up and started feeling around for him and was all "Tim where's Jack?!?" And another thing... how many different answers can this question really have?? If he's not in his bed, and he's not in our bed.... we're probably out of options. Anyways, Tim started feeling around for him all worried and I go and check to see if he's in his crib and Tim calls out "Is he in there?!?!?!" because obviously his search hasn't turned up any results. In the morning its all very funny...but maybe you have to be there.

1 comment:

  1. LOL!!!!!! Seriously laughed so loud scared my cat. I love you guys. This was a very big fear of mine and Joes also by the way


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