Monday, July 5, 2010


We've been busy playing lots of Scrabble, getting very little sleep, buying diapers (because Jack refuses to grow into the next size, of which we have full stock), tidying and re-tidying the apartment and hosting or going on visits with Jack's admirers.

For extra fun - and to maintain some semblance of our old life - we went to the Westside Market and bought bacon, explored Gordon Square Arts District (which was a huge waste of time because the only places of interest were one coffee shop and two home stores) and watched lots of movies.

Jack also embarked on his first international venture up to Canada last week, after we learned that my Nan had passed away. It felt crazy at the time to drive up with a one month old, only to stay for 12 hours but it was good and necessary to be with family to remember such an exceptional woman. We have her to thank for so many of our favorite memories, our sacred family traditions, and on a personal note - the deep and undying love for England that runs from her blood into mine.

Yesterday was relax day with lots of lazing about and cooking a delish dinner of oven fried chicken and corn on the cob, finished by a warm evening stroll to Dairy Queen for a turtle bowl sundae where I discovered indefinitely that I prefer hard scoop ice cream over soft serve.

The End.

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