Monday, September 20, 2010

The Cool People.

My new header was created with images from this etsy shop. Amazing. That is what I aspire to. It is also why I don't think I can ever consider myself a good photographer - there are just too many people out there with photos more enchanting than mine.

We have new friends who are way cooler than us. If they weren't so humble, I'd call them hipsters. They have cool clothes, and good hair and just ooze coffee-shop, indie-band swagger. They're also a few years younger than us and in a much different stage in life. But for some reason they've chosen to adopt us. I'd like to think they find we possess a certain amount of similar coolness (?) but am more inclined to believe we were just the first nice people they met, since they're kind of new to the area. In any case, we're excited about our new connection - and a little puzzled over their excitement of us. Maybe we're cooler than we think.**

** all said of course with tongue in cheek, since an eternal perspective leaves no room for concern of one's cool-factor but only an awareness of the need to be humble and Christ-like.

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