Wednesday, September 1, 2010


We keep hearing about the "Scott Pilgrim" movie with Michael Cera (I think) and so badly want to see it. But when you're a Netflix user it's so much more appealing (cheaper) to wait for it come out on DVD. So that's the end of that dilemma.

I set my laptop on the very teeny tiny edge of the bathroom sink this morning, and BAM it crashed down onto the tile floor and now there is a mangled corner in my pretty little Mac. Those sort of aesthetic deformities always gnaw away at my need for things to look right so I'm hoping my trip to the "Genius Bar" at the Mac store will result in a magically repaired shell/frame.

I'm so tempted to tell the story of me excitedly buying a hair diffuser in hopes of havin
g shining curls and instead ending up with a volumized ball of frizz and split ends.... but that's pretty much all there is to tell - other than the fact that the disappointment was one of a crippling kind* (*added for dramatic effect). On a side note - if any of you know how to actually use a diffuser, please disclose directions, in video form if possible ... I went on the advice of a drawn out diagram the first time but with the aforementioned results to follow.

Is it still only Wednesday? Yeeesh, this week is a slow one. However, its good for work because I've got a lot to get done before the end of the week. At this very moment there is a brochure only partially dressed and begging for the rest of its design. So I best attend to its needs.

In closing, I'd like to pay homage to Emily who is flying away to the West Coast today with this picture in hand as a token of my affections (but mostly because she requested it.)

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