Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Cement Barrier Incident

Yesterday I tried to open an etsy shop. Epic fail.

The idea was to try and sell some of the images from Project 365. Unfortunately, they don't crop into an 8x10 size very well - particularly those images which would be appealing to the widest variety of buyers. My other strategy is to start drawing more little pictures and try selling those in the shop. It's just finding the time that's difficult. I'm contemplating submitting some photography to which could be lucrative... but I have some more research to do first.

True Story : The other night we were out on a mission to get Mitchell's ice cream. When we discovered that it was almost $9 a quart we decided to opt for a less expensive brand. So while were trying to decide whether to go to Target or Giant Eagle, Tim pulled into a parking lot across the street in order to keep the car moving (Jack's preference). At one point he started driving towards some parking spots that were divided by a pretty substantial cement barrier. This is when the cogs in my brain started turning rapidly, and a mental conversation went as follows: "What is he doing? Why is he driving towards that cement barrier? He must just be planning on parking here.... but he's not slowing down! Surely he sees this huge cement thing! Nope.... he's totally about to drive right over it!" And that's when I yelled out "Whoa whoa whoa! What are you doing?!?!" and BANG! The front end of the car - which is little by the way, so there's not a lot of room between the ground and the bottom of the car - was over the median and there we sat, straddling the cement wall. Jack, startled by either me yelling or the huge bump (or both), starts screaming and Tim (confused) sits in shock for a moment and then does the logical thing and drives the rest of the car over the median. He still insists he didn't see the barrier. Needless to say I laughed about it the rest of the night. But maybe you had to be there....

Later on, we ate our Archer Farms Target brand ice cream to the tune of a dozen youtube videos with Cameron and Ellie. That is also when I became acquainted with Improv Everywhere and the wonderful concept of flash mobs. Here is my favorite example by far - it's strangely moving:


  1. i vote yes.
    i've decided that when you're done your 365 project i'm going to ask you make a copy of all pictures. put them in an album and mail them to me.
    i'll pay you for it.

    i love you.

  2. I love IE. That video made me cry happiness :)


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