Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Friends : Rethought

I wrote a post the other day about friendships - close friendships to be more specific. The kind that plant themselves deep in your heart. It's true that I've been in want of more of these as of late - not because they don't exist in my life, but because I often feel distant to the people who live closest to me.

Obviously I've removed that post and here's why: I don't want to disvalue the lovely people I call friends here in Cleveland; without them my life would truly be lacking. What I was really getting at - what Tim and I are both longing for - is community. This is not the same thing as having a collection of friendships. Community is close-knit. Community is about people being in each others lives on a daily or weekly basis. Community is, at its core, another word for family - and so much more because these are people brought together by choice, not by blood-lines.

Chances are, if you are my friend and you live in Cleveland - I'm wishing we had a closer relationship. I'm wishing we saw each other more - that we discussed life over coffee and laughed about the funny thing that happened today. That we shared meals and intimate thoughts, jokes and philosophies. I'm wishing we lived life side by side, and not just from time to time.

For those friends who live outside of Cleveland - we already share these things, just not frequently enough due to time and distance. I miss you often - with a sorrow that leaves a dull ache deep in my bones. I wish you were here, or I with you.

To all who consider themselves my friend - my life is made richer from knowing you. My one request: please stay. Even if its from a thousand miles away. And if possible, draw closer - I miss our time together.

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  1. Lauren,
    I think of you often and I miss your company. I truely long to see you. The short time we shared together was one of the greatest in my life. Again, I miss you terribly and my goal is to visit you in the near future.

    Love you,


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