Tuesday, April 12, 2011

He Healed Me!

A miracle happened today. A small miracle, I suppose, in the grand scheme of miracles. But a precious and personal miracle nonetheless.

About a year ago, while I was pregnant with Jack, a test result revealed some abnormal cell growth in my body. These cells were diagnosed as pre-cancerous. Cancer is a word that packs a punch to the stomach no matter what the context. It's everywhere these days; it feels inescapable. It was hard news to receive, especially knowing that it was caused by an incurable cancer-causing virus in my body. I was told by my doctor that a biopsy would be taken again in six months and that the cells would either worsen, stay the same or revert back to normal. I prayed. I asked others to pray. Please God, not cancer.

Six months later, the condition had worsened. I was devastated. A follow up biopsy was scheduled another six months out, and I was given the same possible outcomes - it would either get worse, stay the same, or start to get better. Knowing the cancer-causing virus was still pulsing through my veins gave me reason enough to assume the worst. I asked God again to heal me. I asked and begged and pleaded. This time I asked that He'd not only heal the cells, but remove the virus from my body. It seemed like such an impossiblity, and yet I know that nothing is impossible with God - that he knitted me together in my mother's womb (Psalm 139) and commanded every cell into place, so nothing is incurable or unfixable or unhealable. On two separate occasions I had people from the prayer team at church lay hands on me and ask for healing. The second time, I was actually told by the man praying for me that I was healed. But because there were no outward signs of this, it was a hard promise to hold onto. I spent the next few months trying not to be anxious about it, but every now and then it would grab me by the throat and choke me with fear. Cancer felt inevitable.

Last week I had my follow-up biopsy. My doctor said the cells looked "ok" and there were only a few suspicious areas. I felt the best case scenario would be that the condition reverted back to "mild" but I braced myself for more bad news. Today was results day. I had to wait an hour and a half before I saw the doctor. That's when she told me the news:

"Well, the cells have gone back to normal. Even the biopsy was negative."

Wait..what?! Everything's normal?! Even she seemed surprised by the results, proposing that perhaps they missed something. But I knew that God had heard my prayers; that in some undeserved act of mercy He had worked a miracle in me again - as He had done on so many other occasions. My pancreas, my liver, my intestines, my pregnancy.... so many occasions where doctors began to prepare us for bad news and then would be puzzled when the next set of tests would reveal normalcy. He has spared me more times than I can count. And today was another day to count as His alone. Today I received some of the best news of my life. Today I was given the gift of God's never ceasing mercy. Today is a day I will never forget. May HIS name be praised and lifted up, for his goodness endures forever.

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  1. This brought tears to my eyes. I am so estatic that everything is back to normal. What a miracle. Lauren, you are truly an amazing person.


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