Monday, January 16, 2012

Coming Home.

In the months leading up to Moses' birth, all Tim and I seemed to be able to talk about was how excited we were for the 4 day hospital stay. For whatever reason, those four days were like this blissful vacation when I was here having Jack. With everything that's gone on the past month, we were looking to this hospital stay as another little "getaway."  Don't get me wrong - it has been nice having four days free of any major responsibility besides loving on Moses. But I think we were both ready to go home by Day 3.  We really really miss our own bed as well as the freedom to go outside (Tim went out a few times - I looked out the window longingly). 

And while it was nice having time with the baby without having to worry about minding Jack (who's been with my parents the whole time) I think we both began to long to be reunited in our own little home.  Last night really confirmed that when, as my parents were preparing to leave, Jack started reaching out for me and crying "Moooooom!" It was heart-wrenching. Then I had to watch him crying for me, arms outstretched, as they walked down the hall all confused as to why I wasn't coming to get him. The front desk nurses witnessed the whole scene and I apologized for the noise, but they both looked about as heartbroken as I was and asked if I was ok.

So here we are, waiting to get discharged on a beautiful sunny day. I woke up this morning feeling (somewhat) rested and just so grateful that we would be going home. I'm sure the months ahead are going to be challenging as we learn to get into a new schedule and way of life, but knowing God is with us and that we have some pretty awesome family and friends to help when needed - I think it's going to be just fine.  

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  1. coming home is the best!!!

    hard to experience the same thing twice since this time youre not a rookie and you miss your babe at home :)

    glad things are well


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