Friday, January 20, 2012

Thank You Zantac.

Jack: the picture of milk-drunk
contentment, pre acid reflux
Both my children started out as content, sleepy, sweet little babes with nary a care in the world. They'd eat and promptly fall asleep (see picture to the right) and during their brief periods of wakefulness, they would sit quietly gazing out into the 9 inch parameter their undeveloped eyes allowed them to see. And then a nasty little condition called acid reflux would enter the picture and all that was calm became cranky and all that was contented became completely uncomfortable.

With Jack, the change in temperament happened sometime around July 27, 2010 at one month old. I know this because I blogged about it. I entitled the post "I spoke too soon" because I'd posted a few days prior about how "easy" a baby Jack was. Ironically, I started writing a post a few days ago saying the same thing about Moses - what a dream he is, how easy he makes it for me to transition from one child to two. It's as if the acid reflux knows when I'm just starting to relish in the greatness of my babies, that it decides to rear its ugly head and make their lovely nursing times into a horrible experience full of grimaces, tears and screaming.

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Thankfully, I was able to get ahold of my pediatrician tonight to request a speedy over the phone prescription of baby Zantac* which is what we used to help Jack.  Now, when it comes to medication I tend to air on the side of caution and avoid it unless absolutely necessary. But when it comes to things like Tim's blood pressure medication or giving my babies something to help their extreme discomfort, I make sure a dose isn't missed. So here's hoping the Zantac does the trick ** and returns my sweet Moses to his normal, quiet, contented self who's currently sitting in the Boppie, sucking on a pacifier and listening to Adele with hands crossed on his chest.

* I like how on the bottle they put Moses in quotations as if its a fake name.
** UPDATE: Moses seems to be doing better. It's still a little touch and go, but for the most part we're back to normal. Thank you Zantac.


  1. LOVE modern day medication.

    while this is coming from the opposite of a crunchy mom, it's hopefully still reassuring. Do whatever it takes for baby to be comfy and healthy, girl!

    I'm so happy that "Moses", if that is his real name, if doing better :)

    Love to you guys!


    he is SUCH a peanut.
    when you're settled/i'm sane let's skype again.


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