Friday, January 6, 2012

Jack, as of late.

Jack says:
Nee (nanny)
Pa (grandpa or potty, depending on the context!)
Pih (pig)
Bee (blanket or bink)
Bree (cousin brianna)
Pees (please)
Bah (goodbye)
Lo? (hello?)
La La (when he wanted to watch Muppets Family Christmas)
Joe (Curious George)
Doh (door)
Hah! (hot - which he says about everything)
Ray (raisins)
Chee (cheese)
Pee & Poo (of course)
Ha (hat)
He (hand)
Dah (dog)
Toe (toast)
Tee (teeth, tegan - who lives upstairs, or tink - his aunt & uncles dog)

Jack loves:
banging on his drum
pointing out pigs or saying "mooo!" when he sees a cow
watching Curious George
to say goodbye to whatever is being flushed down the toilet
chocolate soy milk
pointing out body parts, especially nose, tongue and eye
yelling "Maaa" or "Dadddeeeeee" when he wakes up, needs us or if we leave his line of view
playing with his cousins
holding hands, especially when praying before meals
requesting a kiss if injured, or giving a kiss if you seem in pain/sad
playing with anything that's not a toy
waving at people
his blanket (bee)
playing guitar with Daddy
wrestling with Daddy
Daddy in general

I know there's more for both categories, but that's all I can think of!

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