Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My life in 4 seconds.

Ok, seriously..seriously. I can't wait any longer. It's almost Easter. It's practically Sunday. I'm breaking my own rule and posting about the everyday because let's be honest, God is in the everyday and it's in the everyday that He meets me. This has been a good exercise for me tho - I needed to take the time to share my faith in a no nonsense way. I hope it encouraged some of you. It served as a good reminder for me.

So what have you missed since I drove off of the regularly scheduled program? Not a whole lot. Just a lot of children raising. Here is a video of what my life feels like at the moment - summed up in exactly 4 seconds.

I didn't even mean to take this. I think my camera must have been accidently switched to movie mode. Or I was just checking to see if the battery was working. Either way, it's a pretty accurate portrayal of what happens in the Myers home most afternoons: Jack standing at the kitchen gate begging for crackers and Moses screaming his tiny head off somewhere in the background.

Jack is serious about his crackers.


All day long he wants a cracker. From the minute he wakes up to the moment he goes to bed. He has my determined spirit - he will keep asking until he gets what he wants. It's effective my son.... your mom knows from experience. But maybe be a little less determined about the frivolous things in life... like crackers. When you're looking for a job? You just keep asking until they give you the top position. You're not even two yet though, so fair enough, I'll cut you some slack.

Speaking of determination, Moses is so onto the whole "cry and they will come" method. Boy does that kid have a set of lungs. He's is a marathon crier. Unless he's being held in which case he promptly falls asleep. Woe betide you who sets him down again though. Because the crying will commence once more. He also has the uncanny ability of falling asleep immediately after the stroller starts moving but will wake up just as quickly as soon as it comes to a complete stop.

Yes, life with boys is nary a quiet one. But they are beyond sweet and completely adorable and I love them.

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