Friday, April 13, 2012

Resolution Check-In

I wanted to give resolutions another shot this year after 2011's fell totally flat. This year's list was a bit more realistic (you can find it here) and I'm happy to say that I've made quite a bit of progress considering it's only April. I also seemed to pick goals that are happening naturally rather than as a result of major personal butt-kicking. Although I'm pretty sure personal butt-kicking is the point of a resolution. But whatever. Point is - I'M KICKING BUTT ON GETTIN' IT DONE! Here's the diggity deal:

1} I think I've definitely been more intentional in reaching out to different people and trying to be a blessing in their lives. I have serious social anxiety at times, so this is probably one of the more difficult resolutions I made and definitely the one that requires the most concerted effort. Um, did I just say that it takes concerted effort to be nice to people? That's not how I meant it. But seriously - I think I've been intentional in this area. I also started leading a small group with some young women at my church which is a big step for me. We're going to be reading Loving Your Husband by Cynthia Heald.  Based on the cover of the book it looks totally lame city but its a very solid study.

2} I was "cleared for exercise" just over a month ago (after having the baby) and I've been a little slow on the uptake. When I'm pregnant I'm always like "As soon as I'm allowed to exercise, I'm going to be out there sprinting with a 40 lb backpack on!" In actuality, I tend to use my free time for naps or eating - both tof which don't promote getting down to my pre-pregnancy weight. However, in the past several weeks I've been taking hour long walks with the boys (pushing what feels like a 40 lb double stroller) and doing some more intense workouts in the morning. All that said, I'm also trying to approach "getting in shape" with a healthy, no pressure mindset where its not about looking a certain way but being healthful.

3} This one is (sadly) probably the biggest challenge for me. I tend to read Scripture in small snippets (like a chapter here and there or a Psalm or two) rather than sitting down and reading a book of the Bible from beginning to end. I don't know whether its that I have a short attention span or am just lazy, but either way this is an area that needs improvement. Thank goodness God is still faithful to feed me in other ways - not that it gives me excuse to stop being in the Word!

4} I am so on the ball with this one. I've been drawing a lot more, taking pictures, making bunting for the boys room.... the creativity is just flowing these days. 

5} I'm doing well in this area too. I mean, I still have that horrendous closet to sort out (the one where everything is literally balancing on top of eachother from top to bottom with absolutely no order whatsoever) and a few other areas of the house that have unwanted-unused-unsightly items stuffed into their darker corners, but on a large scale I've simplified quite a bit. There's always room for improvement here, obviously.

So that's me. 
Did you make any resolutions for 2012? 
If so, how are you doing in the follow-through department?

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