Friday, May 25, 2012

Box of Joy

This post was written at the beginning of April, when we had that crazy heat wave. I don't know why I held off publishing it. I think I was waiting to take a picture of "the box" and it never happened. Now it's nearing the end of spring and as temperatures rise, so does the amount of sweating going on around here. It's 80 degrees in our house because I refuse to turn the AC on (money-saver!) and it's just sticky and blurg. So here's my spring post from two months ago as I think on cooler days....

Spring/Autumn  >  Winter/Summer

Take that summer people*! 

I love spring.
I love the temperatures.
I love the greenness.
I love opening the windows to let the fresh air in.
I love the sunshine.
I love that it means a return to the outdoors.

You know what else I love about the winter/spring transition (as well as the summer/fall one)? The clothes box comes out. You know the one I'm talking about.... that big box of all your spring/summer clothes that were put away once the cold weather blew in. We drag it out of the closet (an old moving box that's torn and busting at the seams from holding too many clothes too many times) and with great anticipation I open its tattered flaps to greet my clothes like old friends. Oooo I forgot all about you (umm, except I'd never say that to an old friend, I'd just think it). Or Wow, I totally remember why I love you so much. Of course.... there's always a few "old friends" who aren't as forgiving with how you've changed since the last meeting. Oh you had two kids since we met? Well forget about ever fitting into me again. This happened A LOT this year, so the clothes box wasn't quite as welcome in my home as it usually is. It was a box of tears, rather than a box of joy {since april, thanks to our plant-strong diet, I've lost eight pounds and my clothes are more forgiving}

If you get anything from this post, get the part about how great the clothes box is can be. And if you don't have a clothes box because you have one of those massive closets that fits everything all the time, you're missing out my friend. You should try packing up your seasonal clothes just to experience the thrill of being reunited with them 6 months later. 

Ode to the Spring: A Haiku by Lauren Myers

                                                          Spring, here comes the sun
                                                          Warming my white window panes
                                                          The clothes box comes out

* I always seem outnumbered by fans of summer. Cleveland is full of people wishing for hot temperatures and the chance to live in an arid climate like Florida or Arizona. No thanks. All that amounts to is sweaty armpits, air conditioning jacking up the electricity bill and dreading the first day I have to put on my swim suit. 

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