Monday, May 7, 2012

Tour of the Boys' Room

This room used to be an office. Then it was our friend Cameron's makeshift bedroom when he lived with us for 6 months. At that time, there was really no insulation so needless to was like sleeping in a garage in the winter (he was forewarned). Once the boys moved in, the walls were insulated but it still get's pretty cold in there so we remedied this with a huge area rug and a top end space heater (thanks mom and dad!)

I have to admit, even though it's taken me a long while (roughly 5 months) to get to the point where I feel the room is complete, it's still not exactly how I would want it. I think its good for me though because I need to be reminded that while a pretty home is a blessing, striving to create the perfect, straight out of a magazine house can end up being expensive and all-consuming. Honestly, between the many things my parents (and others) have gifted us as well as the magic of repurposing, it probably cost me less than $100 to decorate this whole room. Not bad I say!

So here... let's take the tour:

This is the view from our bedroom door (it's an adjoining room).
The bunting is one of my favorite things because it incorporates my original color scheme. I made it with super glue (I don't sew) and scraps of fabric from my sister. Speaking of my sister, you should check out her etsy shop! She makes lots of beautiful things - especially children's aprons.

This is what's to the left of the dresser (Moses' side). I made the little height chart with a piece of green ribbon I had lying around and color sample cards from Lowe's. It cost me $0. The pictures above the closet are representative of the boys - I don't know why, but when they were born we associated certain animals with them - for Jack it was an owl and Moses a whale. The Dollar Store in Ontario is incredible and I was able to get the canvases for $1.25 each which is a total steal.

The owl painting is a complete replica of something I saw on Pinterest. The whale I kind of winged. 

Moses' crib. Fabric hoops are such an ingenious way to decorate a wall space.

This side of the room is the part that kind of grates against my aesthetic nerves. I would have preferred to use white picture frames - I feel like there's too much dark wood - but this is what we already had so I saved a lot of money by just going with it (I could always spray paint them white, but I'm nervous I'll ruin them). The curtain - which my talented mother made -hanging on the inside of Jack's crib is annoying me, but I'm too lazy to retake the picture and that's how it usually ends up anyways. Keepin it real. It's hard to see but two of the prints are from my shop, one is from Etsy and the biggest frame has the print out of Psalm 91.

I love everything going on with this dresser. It was refinished by my mom (because again, she's amazing). I also love the picture of the bird's nest above the dresser as well as the little Colossians 3:12 clothes line - another free project. I was originally going to cover that door (which we never use) in the corner with chalkboard paint, but it never happened and probably would have cost too much money anyways.

And that's that. Is it always this clean? No
Do I always have to vaccum the carpet to keep it from collecting dust balls? Yes
Is it cheerful, welcoming and a place Jack loves to play? Definitely
That said, I think it all looks way better in person, so you'll have to come over for a visit. 


  1. its beautiful Laur!

    1. the baby clothes line above Jack's adorable blue dresser (which I've already complimented because

    2. fabric hoops, 'cause you know I love a good fabric hoop!

    3. all the beautiful unique things from your and your sister's shops

    4. all the natural light!

    5. the DIY growth chart - way to go!

    I feel you with never feeling like everything's *perfect*. When I did my life made lovely home tour I was hesitant because there were small projects (like a curtain to cover the empty dishwasher hole) that I didn't get to in time. In the end it was my pride not wanting to show anything less that perfect. silly me. things to grow in, eh?

    love you and your kids room!

  2. hey lauren! i'm here from emily's blog. just wanted you to know i have the exact same brown frames and i spray painted them white. they turned out fine, almost great! i think they would have been great if i had done 3 coats instead of 2 but i was ready to be done. :) such a cute room!

  3. Thanks for the tip Lindsay! And for stopping by :)


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