Thursday, May 31, 2012

Commission Me!

Today Jami Nato, whose blog I heart with all my heart, gave me a little shout out and I realized that I should probably do a little intro into why I do what I do, which is draw.

I draw because I love it. But I also draw because getting paid to do what you love is an incredible gift. It blesses me and my family when I'm able to help out financially through the gift of art. Think of the thing you love doing most - now imagine getting paid do it. Amazing, right?! How grateful would we all be if we were given the opportunity to get paid to do what we're passsionate about.

If you like what you saw on Jami's blog and would like one of your own, commission me to draw something for you! Woo! It's so fun for you! Then all your friends will be like, "Wow, a hand drawn picture of you and your family wearing clothes that you actually own - how cool! I want one too"

That's what our friends Cameron and Ellie thought. Wanna meet them?
Shazzam...there they are in all their hand drawn cuteness (+ their dog Lady):

You know you want one :)
Email me (see here) and let me know how I can turn you into a cute little drawing!

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