Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Say What You Need to Say

My dad will be going in to the hospital this morning for a fairly routine procedure, but it could result in open heart surgery if need be. So...not so routine.

We are believing in faith that God will bring him through this unscathed but it's hard to not let your mind wander; it's moments like this where the "valley of the shadow of death" feels tangible. I was sharing with my sister how unsettling it is to see our dad, this pillar of strength and stability growing up with rarely a moment of weakness, suddenly in a very fragile situation. After all, it's usually me in that operating room...not him.

It reminds me of the time our family was hiking a mountain range back when we lived in England. I was probaby nine years old at the time and as we were descending a steep slope, my dad slipped on a rock and fell. It wasn't a serious fall and he got right back up - but just seeing him in such a vulnerable, potentially perilous situation was enough to make me start crying. When the man who has always been a source of protection over you suddenly gets taken out, it shakes you.

My dad is not a perfect man of God. He is not a perfect father, or husband, or son, or brother. But he is devoted in all these things and he is dedicated to looking out for the needs of others. He has done so with a determination and selflessness that leaves me humbled as well as grateful to be his daughter. I have never doubted his love for me nor his willingness to be a source of help in times of need. He is, quite literally, a God send to my life.

He is also one of my best friends. 

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  1. Absolutely a beautiful reflection about your dad, honey. The Lord blesses us through trials that bring us closer to not only Him but to each other.

    Dad and I are very thankful you and Tim have embraced the new way of eating. God is smiling :)


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