Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Reusing that Giant Gift Bag

Today is Tim's birthday (celebrate!) This morning I tried making vegan-oil free pancakes. The first one worked out ok, the second stuck to the pan so I saved the batter until we can afford some better cook ware. The batter may be there for a while...

This afternoon the boys and I picked up something small for him and as I was preparing to wrap it I realized the gift paper was in the closet with the creaky door of the room Moses was napping in. Poop. Then I remembered I had a giant gift bag sitting in my kitchen that the green side of me was reluctant to throw out. That said, it was (severely) smashed and wrinkled and not really reusable as a gift bag. I mean, even if the bag was still in perfect condition when would I ever be buying someone a gift that large unless it was for myself? (jk) Why not just cut off one side and use it to wrap the gift in? Genious! And use the handle as a bow? Even more genious! Thanks brain!

Ok so there's no denying the giant crease going down the paper. But frugality is king, so creases are overlooked. Plus I'm not trying to impress anyone here - just Tim, who would be happy if I handed it to him in the plastic bag it was carried out of the store with. But I think there's something to be said for getting to unwrap a gift on your birthday - it's just more special, no? I also saved money by making my own card (going with the owl/whale theme for the boys). Total cost of this delightful little gift and card? Less than $5. Win!

And that's my handy dandy tip for reusing giant gift bags that are laying around. 
You're welcome :)

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