Monday, October 15, 2012

The Body Pillow

Here's a quick tip for anyone out there with a baby whose either learning to sit up on his or her own, or still has the occasional tendency to tip over (like Moses) : invest in a body pillow!

I know the Boppy is another "sitting aid" but I never found it all that helpful - there wasn't enough all around support to keep the baby from falling backwards. The body pillow, on the other hand, offers high support on all sides if you shape it in a sort of semi-circle around the baby. The length also provides protection for a foot or two either side. While the pillow won't necessarily prevent the baby from tipping over, so long as they tip to the side or backwards they'll hit a soft pillow instead of the floor. Here, allow Moses to demonstrate:

We keep it propped in our papasan chair and it also is a great neck/back support for sitting in there. 

I bought mine for an entirely different purpose (floor seating for when friend's are over) but I love that it now serves three purposes (I've also heard its a good side-sleeping aid for when you're pregnant). Considering it only cost me $16 ($10 for the pillow, $6 for the cover) I'd say it was well worth the money. And that makes me and Mose happy.


  1. urgh I LOVE body pillows! I have never owned one and I really wanted one for all my pregnancies, but every time I'm somewhere that has one, I steal it for my own use ;)
    Maybe if we have a third baby...

    1. I've been thinking it's good I have now for the exact same reason Em!


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