Tuesday, October 30, 2012

i heart.

{So, I posted this earlier today and then I read another person's blog who was all "How can people be blogging about such trivial things as ____________ when people's lives are being devastated by Hurricane Sandy." Of course, her own post went on to document something pretty trivial. But fair enough, hand raised - I am posting about something super trivial in light of what's happening on the east coast. Even where we are tons of people are without power. And I am aware that this is going on, and I don't believe that any of what I'm about to talk about below has any sort of significance in the grand scheme of life and eternity. It's fluff. But it's fluff even if I had posted about it last week before the hurricane. And fluff is ok, so long as you don't hold tightly to it, knowing that "you can't take it with you." With that in mind... here is the original post...}

I'm not really into Pinterest - I mean, I think it's great. I think it's got amazing, beautiful ideas. But if ever there was a website that causes me to covet and feel like I should be crafting all the time, or that my house or wardrobe needs an (unnecessary) overhaul, it's Pinterest. So I avoid Pinterest, but I do love passing on ideas, or images, or music or products that I like. Here are some, currently:

The Digital Age Rehearsal tracks,
especially this, this, and this.

These two products from Sephora both on sale for $3, 
which if you know Sephora's prices, is pretty incredible. 
I have wanted coral nail polish/eye shadow for ages! 

Eating Creamy Pumpkin Oats 
with Blueberries and Toasted Almonds for breakfast.
(Go here for the recipe. I use maple syrup instead of brown sugar) 

Davine's No. 14  Sea Salt Hair Primer.
Magical stuff for giving hair texture and form.
Oh, and did I mention Justin "Great Hair" Bieber swears by it?

The Christmas red bundt cake pan 
I finally found at the Salvation Army so 
I can use it as an advent candle holder this year!
(I got the idea last year from this great post)

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