Saturday, October 13, 2012

Back to the Barber.

Remember this?
Ok, read on.

Barber shops have such a timeless appeal. For me, they've always held a certain level of intrigue as up until recently I'm not sure I ever stepped foot in one. And for good reason, since I'm pretty sure barber shops are for men. I mean, I don't go into barber shops for the same reason I don't go into men's restrooms.

But now that I have two boys, one with hair that needs some direction, I've found myself frequenting the barber shop around the corner from my parent's house. It's not exactly your classic barber shop with lots of classic, vintage decor - it's more of a...well, around the corner place, if you know what I mean. My mom was the first to initiate us taking Jack there. I think most mom's take their kids to the fun hair cut places, where they sit in something shaped like a car or a dinosaur and there's lots of cooing and high-pitched talking to keep the kids from crying and then at the end there's a treasure chest full of prizes.  Um, I guess I'm not one of those moms - Jack graduated straight to sitting with the adults. At least they offer him a sucker at the end. Oh, except I don't let him eat it because it's the Dum Dum brand that are total choking hazards for a two year old. So instead he just picks one, and then holds it for a few minutes, and then I distract him and give him bunny grahams at home instead. Sorry Jack, you'll thank me later (probably not).

If you're curious about how this whole barber shop adventure goes, you can read about it here. So far, it's the same every time. Children are creatures of habit and routine, and Jack is one of those creatures. Here are some pictures from our latest visit:

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  1. I'm really impressed how well Jack does! We also avoid anything child specific for barber shops. Alex and Will are no longer disasters there, but I think Michelle either lets them watch the iPad as they get their haircut, or offers a quick video on the iPad as a carrot if they sit well. Either way, I'm hugely impressed by Jack.


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