Friday, January 18, 2013

Moses' Birthday

I remember having big plans for Jack's birthday: lots of decorations + good food + guests.  But then I was faced with the cost of feeding a large group of people and suddenly it seemed a bit unrealistic. The paper products alone cost about $50, and when all was said and done the total expenses for the party were over $100. And Jack doesn't even remember the event so... lesson learned.

So as much I was would have LOVED to have everyone that is special to us attend our celebration of Moses' first year of life, I knew it wasn't practical considering we are so tight on money these days. Instead we chose to keep it very simple with only family and our church small group in attendance. We kept it inexpensive by keeping decorations limited to one, lone "Happy Birthday" sign and using leftover plates and napkins from Jack's birthday. My mom wanted to provide something small for the little guests, so she filled these paper bags with some goodies and I decorated them.

My mom also let us host the party at her house and offered to buy the birthday cake and some refreshments. Tim's mom provided almost all the food - which was amazing - aside from some egg salad we made and some delish coleslaw I asked my sister bring. Basically, all we spent on the party was the cost of a carton of eggs.

Frivolities aside, between delicious food, the cake and the gift opening I think Moses enjoyed himself. So much so that promptly after opening his gifts he went down for a nap.

Sounds like a perfect birthday to me!

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