Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Twenty Thirteen


2012, much like 2011, was  a roller coaster year full of ups and downs. At times it brought me great joy as well as great strife and sorrow. 2013 holds the same promise of both good days and not so good days, of heartache and laughter. Of a much anticipated trip to England but also continued stress with finances and health issues. And while I'm bracing myself for the bumpy road ahead, I still wanted to make room for some yearly goals.

My goals from this past year were simple and Lord-willing I was able to accomplish all of them satisfactorily. I still struggle in the area of being in the Word, and I didn't actually finish an unread book of the Bible, but I am closely studying the book of Genesis now (rather than just reading through it) as a result of joining Bible Study Fellowship International.

My resolutions for 2013 are still simple in nature but are a little more weighty in heart and are meant to have results that last a lifetime, not just a year.

1} Live out Mark 12:30. Jesus pins this as the Greatest Commandment of them all, and until recently I never really considered what it means to live that out intentionally. What does it look like to love God with all my mind, my heart, my soul and my strength? I'm going to spend this next year finding out and then do my very best to live it out fully.

2} Purse true health. I think I commit to this every year, but this time it's without the goal of losing weight. I want to feel healthier.  I don't know if being truly healthy means being vegan (as I've been practicing),  but I know I want to apply clean eating to my life as much as time and resources allow me. This also means drinking lots of water, getting enough rest and getting up early to exercise. While I can't control some of the health issues I'm facing, I hope that by doing these things, I will return to better health.

3} Spend less time online. I want to be present and not so connected to what everyone else is doing via Facebook. No, I'm not going to delete my account (I've tried that) But I am going to do my best to limit the number of times I log on and the number of people I follow on it.

4} Sing more. I've been singing in front of people (at church) for about 5 years now but since changing churches I never joined the worship team. Singing is something that brings me great purpose and fulfillment and joy and I hope to expand my opportunities to sing, whether it's at a coffee shop or by starting a worship night with some friends.

5} Play more. With my kids that is. Care less about a tidy house and more about creating memories. Even if that means getting messy with finger paint or acting like a complete weirdo. Life is too short to take it so seriously, and I know my boys would love it if every day were a dance party. Plus I'm pretty sure it would my heart some good.

The theme here, it seems, is to live life wholeheartedly. To be present in the moment without distraction.  Something I tend not to do.

So here's to 2013 - 
may it be a year of joy and peace
and loving God fully.

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